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Castles, Towers, Medieval Villages

On foot, by bike, or on horseback. Choose how you prefer to travel, for one or more days, to discover the medieval traces in the Park, its well-preserved ancient splendor which is still visible today. Castles, watchtowers and defensive towers, fortified areas, walls with towers and bridges can be seen both within town centers, in their surroundings, or in isolated places.
The following places are worth a visit: Rovere Castle, Celano Castle, Gagliano Aterno Castle, the ruins of the castle of S. Potito in Ovindoli, the ruins of the castles of Beffi and Roccapreturo, the ruins of the castle of Tione and Fagnano Alto, the circular tower in Aielli, the rests of the fortified village of Goriano Sicoli, the fortified villages of Castelvecchio Subequo and Castel di Ieri, the fortified village of S. Iona and S. Maria del Ponte in Tione, the palace-castle of Molina, the fortified village of Fontecchio.

For information and guided visits, please contact the Park Information Points.

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