The Sirente Velino Regional Park is characterized by various environments, from the mountain to the mid-mountain environment, from hilly to river landscapes, from 2.300 to 600 meters of altitude. Each environment has a particular kind of fauna and vegetation.

According to recent census, at the moment in the Park there are 1.926 flower species; 216 vertebrate species; 149 birds; 43 mammals; 13 reptiles; 11 amphibians.
From a morphological view, the territory of the Park, is divided in three wide sectors, each with particular aspects.

The Rocche Plateau, the central system of different plateaus of karst origin, that extends with short difference in level and whose morphology and geologic conformation witnesses also the presence of ancient mountain lakes. Woods of beech, pastures and lawns, covered during spring by the blooming of the narcissus, characterize the plateau; the imposing and dolomitic vertical sides of Mount Sirente stand out, crossed by deep gullies.

The Northern Marsica, the southwestern side of the Sirente and the Velino Mount appear bare and naked, characterized by several rocky outcrops. The territory is crossed by deep incisions of glacial origin, like the Celano Gorges, the Teve Valley and the Majelama Valley, that keep unchanged secret and inaccessible places, rich of rare flowering and endemic elements.

In the Aterno and Subequana Valleys the Aterno River is the leader, because it flows in a narrow valley characterized by historical, artistic, architectural and archeologic proofs. Along the Aterno the fluvial landscape is overlapped to the agricultural one; between Beffi and Acciano the watercourse flows among steep mountain cliffs; populations of black poplars and willows, are dislocated along the riversides.
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