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Temples of art and faith

The monumental and artistic heritage of the park is worthy of importance.

Beautiful Romanesque churches, such as the Church of St. Maria in Valle Porclaneta of Rosciolo (Magliano de' Marsi); Renaissance and Baroque sacred art; suggestive monasteries castled among the valleys, as the convent and the church of St. Francesco in Castelvecchio Subequo and the Convent of St. Angelo in Ocre; precious rural churches, on the ways of transhumance or on height that invite to peace and serenity, as the rural church of St. Anna in Pagliare of Fontecchio and in those of Tione; St. Maria of Pietrabona in Castel di Ieri, St. Petronilla in Acciano and St. Pio in Molina Aterno.

In Aterno and Subequana Valleys are clearly visible protective and propitiatory symbols, expression of popular religiosity and the mix between the sacred and profane. These symbols engraved on the walls of many houses in the villages of Acciano, Beffi, St. Lorenzo, Roccapreturo, Goriano Valli, Tione, St. Maria del Ponte, Fontecchio, Castelvecchio Subequo, Gagliano Aterno and Secinaro. In Roccapreturo, is signalled a harmonious square window adorned with protective and propitiatory symbols representing a male and a female figure with solar wheel and in Succiano, a cave of XVI-XVII century with a solar wheel on the plaster.
St Mary Church in Pietrabona
(photo by: Giuseppe Cera)
St Mary Church in Valle Porclaneta
(photo by: PR Sirente Velino)
Ocre Monastery
(photo by: T. Buccimazza)
St Francis Church and Monastery in Castelvecchio Subequo
(photo by: PR Sirente Velino)
St Mary Church in Valle Porclaneta
(photo by: PR Sirente Velino)
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