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Nature Observation

The richness of flora and fauna of Sirente Velino Park makes it an ideal place to carry out nature observation and "photographic safaris".

Walking along the Park trails, from a lower to a higher altitude, we are in an ever-changing environment: equipped with a camera, preferably accompanied by expert guides, you can enjoy a variety of colors and shapes that characterize its vegetation, capturing by a click the extraordinary nuances. For those who love to contemplate the landscape, the park is an environment to be discovered and lived in all seasons, to grasp the changes of colours, smells, sounds.

In spring, it can not be missed a walk to the park: where you remain fascinated by the landscape of Rocche Plateau that is painted with white in consequence of the flowering of Narcissus.

In autumn, however, when red "stimmi" of saffron colour up of violet, the fields of the Aterno Valley, where saffron has found the ideal habitat for the dry and windy climate, colour up with this colour. In autumn, you can hear very clearly the evocative bell of Deer echoes during the season of love. It is a particular moment, the one in which the animal is more approachable and easily observable.

In winter, when the snow colours of white the landscape, we can have fun in chasing tracks that the wolf has impressed during the night on the snow in search of prey-hares, Greek partridges, roe deer and wild boars - weakened by the severe winter climate. To know better the fauna of the Park, it cannot be missed a visit to the Chamois Wildlife Area in Rovere of Rocca di Mezzo, annexed to the Visit Centre. Through a large window, equipped with binoculars, it's possible to observe closely this beautiful animal and learn more from the operators of the centre. While, in the Visitor Center Riserva Naturale Orientata "Monte Velino", located in Magliano dei Marsi, in addition to Natural and the Botanical Museum, is the faunistic area of deers and roe deers.
(photo by: M. Doglia)
(photo by: PR Sirente Velino)

(photo by: Archivio Parco Sirente Velino)
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