Local History and Culture

The Sirente Velino Regional Park is not only rich in nature, but also in history, culture, and traditions: an heritage coming from a past which contributed to shape the identity of this territory and its community, whose signs are still well preserved and evident.
Being a passing area and natural link between the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas, the Park has been inhabited since ancient times, as evidenced by the numerous archaeological findings disseminated on good part of the territory.

In medieval times, it held a strategic role for the defence and the military control, which has influenced the landscaping and architectural planning of the Park, where you can admire fortified villages, sight and control towers, castles, roman bridges.

It was also a place of spirituality, as evidenced by many religious buildings and convents, simple rural churches placed in contexts splendidly isolated and mystical and miraculous traces left by personages like Celestine V, St. Erasmus, St. Francis of Assisi who crossed or paused on this territory, but who continue to live thanks to the evocative folk festivals and traditions that the local community, with pride, continues to promote. Do not forget the numerous visits and walks that Pope John Paul II made on these mountains.
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