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Abruzzi is characterized by the best truffle picking of all over the world and the 40% of the Italian truffles are produced in this region. In Sirente Velino Park, the production of the cultivated truffle involves the area of Subequana Valley and northern Marsica, with different varieties and also rather significant productions.

Truffles are particular fungi whose fruiting body grows underground near plants like oaks, pines, poplars, or shrubs like hazelnuts and hop hornbeams. In Abruzzi it is possible to find the following truffle varieties:

  • Tuber melanosporum - precious black truffle, with a round shape and a black color
  • Tuber aestivum - called scorzone or black summer truffle, with a sweetish-earthy smell
  • Tuber brumale - the winter truffle or moscato, similar to the precious black truffle, but with a stronger smell
  • Tuber magnatum, with a pleasant and aromatic smell.

(photo by: PR Sirente Velino)
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