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Torri e Castelli nel Parco Regionale Sirente velino

The book written by Oremo Di Nino represents an important contribution, not only because it allows the readers to rediscover the fortified villages situated across the valleys and the hills of the Park, but especially because it is testimony to conservation and restoration works carried out over the years by the author and by the public sectors he worked for: without such a work great part of the monuments described in this collection would not have survived the last earthquake events which left their signs on those frail architectures.

For a story of the territory, between ancient times and Middle Ages
- La Marsica
- La conca Subequana e la valle del medio Aterno

Towers and Castles
- La torre di Aielli
- La torre di Santa Iona
- Il castello di Rovere
- Il castello di Beffi
- La torre di castel di e Leri
- Castello di Fognano
- Il castello di Fontecchio
- Il castello di Goriano Valli
- Il castello di Roccapreturo
- Il borgo di Santa Maria del Ponte
- La torre di Tione degli Abruzzi
- Castelli di Gagliano Aterno e Celano
  • Edited by: Oremo Di Nino
  • Publisher: MAC Edizioni
  • Pages: 130
  • Size: 21x29cm
  • Year: 2013
  • Price: 25.00 €  

Notes: Presentation by Angelo Simone Angelosante
Preface by Maria Carla Somma

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