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Save the Bear - 2003/2007




ph. L. Logiudice
Sirente Velino Natural Park


Future developments
In the limits of the available resources, the strategy planning that the Ente Park intends to implement for bears conservation through the end of the project, foresees the following activities:

  1. The Park Plane elaboration with related zoning and regulation;
  2. The stabilization of the natural monitoring activities, study and on the bear;
  3. It will be put on programs of maintenance and compensation for the environmental intervention improvement;
  4. For forestall habitat it will be implemented planes and models of sustainable wood management;
  5. For the activities referred to poisons use and for the control of stray dogs, it will be involved the sanitary authorities competent on specific programs;
  6. For the containment of the conflicts between wild Fauna and anthropic activities, it will be developed the Programs for the prevention and compensation of the damages to cultivations and domestic cattle;
  7. Realization of Bear Visit Centre in Gagliano Aterno with the aims of divulgation and sensitization and scientific documentation collection.


ph. G. Boscagli
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