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Monastery-Fortress of Santo Spirito d'Ocre

Set in the harsh mountains, the monastery dominates Valle dell'Aterno

Built by Blessed Placido da Roio in 1222, the fortress-monastery of Santo Spirito d'Ocre preserves the genetic code of the creation of L'Aquila. It occupies a rectangular area with high perimeter walls that isolate it almost completely from the surrounding area. Along the sides of the central cloister there are the church, the refectory, the dormitory and the chapter house, also according to the Cistercian dispositions. the life style of the Order is perceived through the internal disposition of the refectory rooms and the separation of the dormitories between monks and lay brothers. Many templar symbols. The single-nave church alone deserves a visit to the monastery.
Despite having become a cultural and tourist accommodation center, the monastery has preserved its original mysticism. It is possible to stay in the twelve rooms obtained from the dormitories on the first floor, with private bathrooms and comfort.

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Monastery-Fortress of Santo Spirito d'Ocre
Monastery-Fortress of Santo Spirito d'Ocre
(photo by: Archivio Parco Naturale Regionale Sirente-Velino)