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Museum Mazzarino

Giulio Raimondo Mazzarino was born in Pescina on 14 July 1602, Cardinal and Prime Minister in France, died in France on 9 March 1661.
The institution home museum dedicated to Mazzarino - born in Pescina in 1602 and appointed prime minister of France by Louis XIII - is located in a building, built in 1971-72 thanks to the illustrious Milanese "patron", Eng. Gervaso Rancilio and is located in the upper part of the Centro Storico Pescina, a short distance from the tomb of Ignazio Silone. It is known that at the origin of the "Mazzarino Museum", there is also the interest (cultural and financial) of France, and in particular of Madaleine Laurien Portemer, director of the "Biblioteca Mazzariniana" in Paris.

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Mazzarino house-museum
Mazzarino house-museum
(photo by: PR Sirente Velino)