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International Showcase of Abruzzi Park System

1 lap of the tour: Sirente Velino protected area

( Rocca di Mezzo, 26 September 2011 )Dutch and Belgian journalists visiting Abruzzi, for a full immersion into the park system of the green region of Europe, with Sirente Velino Regional Park as first lap. The marketing operation, result of the team work among the summits of the park system in synergy with the directors of the tourist and cultural policies development system and of Aptr, will start on 26th September, when the two delegations formed by 7 journalists will be welcomed in Villa Cidonio, in the wonderful structure housing the head offices of Sirente Velino Regional Park, in the Municipality of Rocca di Mezzo. For five days, our guests will visits the jewels of Abruzzi and taste the local products, from Fonte Anatella in Prati del Sirente, Pagliare di Tione, and Stiffe Caves. "Green tourism is our challenge for the future", said the Commissioner and the Director of Sirente Velino Park, Patrizio Schiazza and Oremo Di Nino, "a sector considerably growing in the countries of Northern Europe. The tour of the Dutch and Belgian journalists in Abruzzi, a region preserving an excellent naturalistic heritage able to stimulate the economic and occupational development, represents a very good occasion to promote a vital sector. The synergy between the Parks and the Region, that will bring the Abruzzi park system on the pages of the specialized press in the Netherlands and in Belgium, is the right key to win the challenge". The guided visits will also touch other parks of Abruzzi: in Pescasseroli, housing the head offices of Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise National Park, the journalists will be led to the Nature Center, the area of Camosciara, in the Municipality of Civitella Alfedena, and to the Transhumance Museum of Villetta Barrea. On 28th September the delegation will visit Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park: Rocca Calascio, Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Castel del Monte, Campo Imperatore plateau, the museum of the waters in San Pietro di Isola del Gran Sasso, Castelli, Rigopiano, Farindola, and finally Caramanico. On the next day, it will be Majella National Park turn, where our guests will visit San Giovanni dell'Orfento, Decontra, S. Bartolomeo in Legio Hermitage, Zaccagnini wine cellars in Bolognano. The last lap of the tour will develop in the area of the future national park of the "trabocchi" coast, near Chieti.