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Visitor Center Riserva Naturale Orientata "Monte Velino"

Visitor Center not managed by the Park Authority

Via S.Martino, 10
67062 Magliano dei Marsi (AQ) | View on Map
Municipality: Magliano de' Marsi

The Center is divided into four "sectors", distinct from one another, but functional to the achievement of institutional objectives, while guaranteeing the possibility of spending a few hours in absolute serenity: 

1. The didactic-museum structure with dioramas, ecoramas and shop windows in which the environment is reproduced and illustrated through models, photos, images and panels that tell the history of the territory and its peculiarities. 

2. The botanical garden, in which the main areas of the protected area have been reproduced in a spatial sequence that allows you to appreciate the variations of the environment, from the cultivated areas of the lowest altitudes, up to the high altitude meadows, passing through oak forests and of beech. 

3. The nature trail that goes up to Monte lo Pago, allowing you to taste Monte Velino in all its magnificent and rough splendor, even if just under 2000 meters in length. 

4. The Cites depot, a structure in which hundreds of exhibits seized by the CITES Carabinieri Service are exhibited. These are over 500 specimens of stuffed birds from Europe and Italy, all belonging to rare and endangered species that can be touched, appreciating their peculiarities and diversity of forms.

Opening times:

Starting from 01/02/2020, the Visitor Centre will be open in the following days: Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday/ Friday/ Sunday, 9.00-13.00 and 14.30-16.30 (closed to the public: Saturday and Monday)

It is possible to book visits for organized groups by sending an email or by calling the
State Forestry Corps of Castel di Sangro (E-mail: - Tel. 0864/845938).

Management: State Forestry Corps of Castel di Sangro - E-mail:
Visitor Center of the Reserve - Monte Velino
Visitor Center of the Reserve - Monte Velino
(photo by: PR Sirente Velino)